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Buddhist business Network

buddhistentrepreneurs: evolution was got wind of to fund the unfold of the Buddha’s teaching. in this sense, it absolutely was invariably a way to associate finish, however the means that themselves will remodel people who follow them. therefore the business was invariably regarding operating within the world, while not forsaking the values. As Ratna ghosha says during this clip, “one thanks to implant Buddhism in society is by embedding it in business…:evolution impacts via the concepts and principles behind what we have a tendency to do, in addition as by showing that one thing are often done.”

That ‘something’ is raising cash and remodeling lives, by being not simply a charity, however a Buddhist business.

Entrepreneurs ideas

I keep in mind after I began on the entrepreneur route. i used to be below the impression that generating a decent plan was the foremost necessary a part of building a made business.

However, a good variety of business ideas that I even have generated over the years have fallen flat on their face due to associate inability to recognise the quantity of labor that's needed to actualise them.

In the grand theme of business building, little of the labor involves turning out with the concept. Most of the hassle comes from functioning on all of the key processes that move into creating a business made. Project management, marketing, development, and client relations, the power to copy your business, ar just a few of the aras that are intrinsic to the functioning of a profitable business.

Please do not make up the lure of thinking that a decent plan naturally equates to the foundations of a sound business.

Obviously ideas ar the initial seed that each one made businesses grow from, however they're not the sole necessary ingredient concerned within the business building method.

In the world renowned book "E-myth revisited", Geber attracts on the necessary distinction between power and innovation.

Business to business Problems

It appears that the matter of challenged comes isn’t obtaining any higher. Respondents to a recent survey indicated sixty two % of organizations fully fledged one or additional challenges in over thirty % of comes. Given the quantity of computer code and different important comes that reassess budget, get delivered late, or don’t meet Business to business desires, requirements—a major conducive issue to project failures—continue to be a significant drawback.

Because of the persistence of the wants drawback, The Performance Institute kicked off a look paper to look at the answers to 2 questions:

Why haven’t organizations been ready to effectively address the wants problem?
In organizations that have created enhancements, what actions have had the largest impact?

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As technology advances, it's changing into additional of a ambiguous arm, rising our quality of life whereas at constant time creating North American nation additional susceptible to hazards and unconstitutional behavior in ways that we've ne'er been.

Perhaps obscurity has technology had the maximum amount of an effect in our daily lives as within the makeup and performance of our automobiles. an advert I saw a handful of years agone for atiny low native technical school, as an example, mentioned however today's minivans have infinitely additional computing power than the Greek deity house capsules we tend to sent to the moon.

With the functions of today's cars, trucks and SUV's controlled virtually entirely by computers, what's the likelihood that they, like our laptops and desktops, are often hacked? Answer: {increasingly|progressively|more and additional} more possible, as incontestible recently by a combine of school heads United Nations agency area unit security specialists for his or her various firms.

Local Listing Google

In Gregorian calendar month Google launched “Google My Business,” a slick new tool to assist little business homeowners and managers manage their business’s native listing on varied Google properties.  The tool helps you manage your Google business listing on Google+.  However, if you’re not accustomed to this new tool, you may still would like some assistance on the way to update your business local listing victimisation the tool.
The Google My Business on-line tool can also assist you manage (to a degree) however your business local listing seems in bound elements of Google search, as well as the most search pages, Maps and Google Earth.
With Google My Business, you get a dashboard to check your business’s data and alter or raise varied items of that data. have to be compelled to update your business hours and the way they seem on Google? you'll be able to have it away with the Google My Business on-line dashboard.  Have incomplete or inaccurate data that creates your business seem 0.5 dead or confuses customers?  Google My Business on-line is wherever you'll be able to fix it. need to reply to public Google reviews? once more, Google My Business will facilitate.

Information Technology Could Improve Hospital

An RIV poster conferred at SHM’s annual meeting describes the appliance of health information technology to boost the standard of hospital discharge summaries.4 Lead author Kristen Lewis, MD, within the clinical division of hospital medication at The Ohio State University (OSU) Wexner center in Columbus, delineate however SHM’s 2009 “Transitions of Care agreement Policy Statement” was adopted because the medical center’s customary of care—although at baseline this customary was being totally met at the hospital solely four wheel drive of the time.5 Discharge summaries oft lacked necessary info, as well as tests unfinished at discharge, and weren't created obtainable to those clinicians World Health Organization required them following discharge.

“We developed, piloted, associated enforced an innovative electronic discharge outline example that incorporated prompts and mechanically inhabited core parts of a top quality discharge outline,” Dr. Lewis says, adding that the method conjointly offered opportunities for personalisation and free-text entries. Initial expertise following a series of multidisciplinary academic initiatives to assist physicians and case managers perceive these mechanisms found full compliance rising to seventy fifth.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Real Estate Tips

It is safe to assume that inserting a seller’s mind comfy can add your favor. Again, the more leisurely you'll create a vendor, the higher probability you've got at winning a bidding war over your competitors. Reducing any potential “roadblocks” ought to be thought of a priority for any emptor.

Purchase offers usually contain clauses that create the sale depending on AN appraisal or on the buyer’s ability to sell their current home. Sellers will see them as potential roadblocks. Therefore, contingency clauses have to be compelled to be self-addressed, as they need the potential to derail a deal. In fact, consumers with enough money to hide an occasional appraisal or 2 mortgage payments might want to think about waiving those contingencies all at once.

While some contingencies will relegate a buyer’s bid to the sidelines, others real estate will create them stand move into an honest approach. land agents could counsel as well as AN “escalation clause” within the contract. These primarily say the client agrees to exceed the very best competitory supply by a particular greenback quantity. for instance, you’ll pay an additional $5,000 on prime of the foremost moneymaking supply, or up to a further $10,000 in increments of $2,000. as well as AN step-up clause will create your bid look that way more engaging.

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Entrepreneurship begins with a business plan. and also the success of AN enterpriser and his/her enterprise depends on however well the thought is dead and designed upon. Of course, success does not come back instantly and plenty of times ideas square measure abandoned as a result of challenges and initial failures. however there's a category of entrepreneurs that emerges triumphant against all odds.

So what's it that really makes ideas click and entrepreneurs winning? What square measure the assorted qualities that winning entrepreneurs possess? If you study the stories of successful entrepreneurs then you may realize bound common components. True, every enterpriser is exclusive in his/her own method however there square measure some characteristics that bind them along.
To start with, you wish to possess a very smart plan. "You have gotten to possess a business concept is exclusive. To say, 'I need to try and do that as a result of I even have seen people eff and it works', isn't enough. you wish to possess one thing that may not obvious, and you've got have to be compelled to have religion in it and follow it," says Sashi Reddi, Founder & chief operating officer, AppLabs.

Indeed, having religion within the plan and being addicted to it's important. winning entrepreneurs square measure very addicted to their ideas; they're virtually dependent on their business goals and single-mindedly pursue their visions. Hindu Vivekananda the nice non secular enterpriser has delineate the thanks to success terribly compactly and it's connection across domains.

He says, "Take up one plan. build that one plan your life – think about it, dream of it, continue to exist that concept. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, each a part of your body, be jam-packed with that concept, and simply leave each different plan alone. this can be the thanks to success..." each entrepreneurial success may be aforesaid to be a mirrored image of this perceptive thought.

Philip Knight (of Nike) had his nice plan concerning shoes even throughout his faculty days once he was AN ardent track & field contestant. Later, whereas at Stanford he set that he was progressing to be AN enterpriser and sketched out an inspiration to challenge a number one shoe company's monopoly within the market by using low-cost Japanese labour to manufacture shoes that weren't simply higher however conjointly cheaper.

He worked on this concept turbulently giving over his 100% and also the rest, as they assert, is history. That he named his company once the Greek divinity of conclusion at a friend's suggestion was a sweet coincidence. Of course, this conclusion has come back at the value of extraordinary efforts.

"Start-ups need plenty of labor and sacrifice – particularly at the beginning; – therefore check that that you simply have a robust passion and motivation for no matter you're doing as a result of you may would like that keenness and drive to stay you researching the powerful times," says Alberto Savoia, CTO and Senior VP of R& D, Agitar computer code.

Of course, not all square measure lucky to strike gold at their initial makes an attempt. In fact, it's doubtless that almost all would fail in their initial endeavours. And forsaking could seem sort of a potential reply throughout crises, troublesome times or failures for several entrepreneurs. quite few may additionally  desire dynamic  to one thing totally different.

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Company Info
SankalpEducation Society
Aword about Sankalp Education Society:
Sankalp Education Societyhas been founded by a group of like-minded Buddhist people who believe inensuring equal career and livelihood opportunities to the underprivilegedsections of the society. Even as the Society is very young and does not have along list of achievements to show, all its members have 8-10 years of experienceeach in academic and management fields. They have relevant experience both inteaching and management in renowned institutions like Visvesvaraiya NationalInstitute of Technology, Ramdeobaba Kamla Nehru Engineering College, NEERI,Government Polytechnic, Maharashtra Government etc. Two of the members arepursuing their PhDs in Economics and one is doing it in management, from NagpurUniversity.

OurVision: Educationally empowered students from socially andeconomically backward communities and areas.

OurMission: Providing technical and professional knowledge to theunderprivileged sections of the society to make them capable to effectivelycompete for employment and self enterprises.   

Briefdescription of its objects and activities
B.Organizational details:                                                                
  1. Goals of the organization:
Themission of Sankalp Education Society is to provide high quality, yet affordableeducation to all. We aim at bringing the most valued and relevant academiccourses within the grasp of students belonging to all economic and socialbackgrounds, without compromising on excellence. We wish to train our studentsto rise up to the contemporary challenges presented by the changingsocio-economic face of the world. The management of Modern College provides asetting where the faculty, staff and students pitch in to create a supportiveand challenging environment for learning.

Sankalp Education Societystrives to achieve its mission through following objectives
v  Promotionof student learning
v  Focuson individual success of students
v  Developmentsof strong connection with the degree-granting units
v  Commitmentto faculty and staff development
v  Creationof a community that values and encourages diversity

Achievements till date
The society, to achieve its vision has startedfollowing two colleges
1.     Modern Institute of technical education andmanagement
2.     Modern College.
Both the colleges areapproved by Govt of Maharashtra and are recognized by Maharashtra state boardof technical education (MSBTE) and RTM Nagpur University respectively. However,these institutions have been granted permission by the Govt on a ‘permanently no grant’ basis.
We offer following academic courses under theseinstitutes
Modern Institute of technical education and management

1.      Diploma in dress designing and manufacturing
2.      Diploma in beauty parlor and hair dressing
3.      Post graduate diploma in front office management and tourism
4.      Post graduate diploma in export import management
Modern College
1.      Bachelor degree in B.Com Computer application
2.       Bachelor degree in management
3.      Bachelor degree in computer science
4.      Bachelor degree in fashion designing
5.      Bachelor degree in information technology
Step program
Smile foundation

As mentioned above, ourstudents come from rural background. Their parents are either labour in thenearby industries or being landless they are farm labours. Our students thusposses all those inhibiting attribute present in students with suchbackgrounds. This makes our teaching difficult as our teachers have dualresponsibility to correct these personality disorders and focus on curriculumtoo.

Nagpur University has 750odd colleges spread over Nagpur district. Till date we have been moderatelysuccessful if we compare our results with the other leading colleges from theuniversity and we are proud to share the fact that our one student stood 11thmerit from the university. Our results too match with leading colleges in spiteof differentiated inputs in the form of students.   
Location : Wadi, MIDC, Tpoint, Amravati road, Nagpur , Maharashtra.

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Contact No. :Mobile No. : +91-9881474243 , Landline : 07104-220068
Address :MODERN COLLEGE WADI , MIDC T point , Near Rahul Hotel, Wadi, Nagpur-440023
Pin Code :440023
Services :Fashion Designing , BBA , MCA , BCA ,


Company Info
we are a leading management institute providing top class education and placements in indian MNCs for MBA programs.
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Contact No. :Mobile No. : +91-9225400705 , Landline : 0712-6465753
Address :83,PERSISTENCE TOWER,RAM NAGAR, HILL TOP NAGPUR440033, Ram Nagar hill top, near water tank, Shankar Nagar, Nagpur-440033
Pin Code :440033
Services :MBA ,


Company Info
Maitrey Educational Society clearly identifies the gap between the engineering professionals being produced by educational institutions and the professionals required by the industry. It is the Society's endeavor to produce industry specific professionals by exposing all our students to rigorous industrial experience. Maitrey Educational Society is committed to the highest ethical standards in education and professional careers and services.

All the departments are fully equipped with the latest machines, toolsand equipments to cater to the needs of the students and the industry. Thedepartments are capable of handling any challenging situation with the pace of advancementin technology. 

The college consists of following departments which are listed below

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Contact No. :Mobile No. : +91-9049472992 , Landline : 07118-322211
Address :VILLAGE SATNAVARI, AMRAVATI ROAD, NAGPUR - 440 023, Amravati Road, Bazargaon, Nagpur-440023
Pin Code :440023
Services :MBA Engineering College , Civil Engineering , Mechanical Engineering ,Information Technology Engineering ,


Company Info
Provides Study in Abroad.
Degree from Top Ranking Universities.
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Contact No. :Mobile No. : +91-9422811511 , Landline : 0712-2292858
Address :C-4, MULIK COMPLEX, SOMALWADA, WARDHA ROAD, NAGPUR - 440025, somalwada, Nagpur-440025
Pin Code :440025
Services :MBA Personality Development ,Environmental Engineering (ME) , Science College , Distance Learning College ,Engineering Entrance Coaching , JournalismOpen University , Medical College , MBBS ,MD/MS , DNB , Commerce Coaching ,Accounting ,



Company Info
Panacea TechnoHub is a new company that willprovide high quality technical and non technical, Voice and Back office,Inbound and Outbound Customer services to it's clients. Panacea TechnoHub isscheduled to begin operations on Jun or July. Company will be a partnership,owned and operated by Akshay Bhoyar, Yogesh Wankhade, Prafull Chafle And VinayKarnase.
Mr. Yogesh Wankhade and Mr. Vinay Karnaseboth have left their respective jobs in order to start their own medium sizedbusiness.

Panacea TechnoHub will target small to medium sized companies and governmentorganizations within the Maharashtra. We will seek major contracts with mediumsized firms.
The primary objectives of our company overthe next year are to:
 Obtaincommercial financing of 50,00,000 INR to cover start up costs and initialoperating expenses;
Generate one new client contract a month by networking with key industryleaders, conducting seminars and workshops, and joining key environmentalagencies.

Our Services:
Transactionprocessing and back office services
Customerservice (Inbound - Voice)

Mission and Vision
Our mission is to utilize our expertise in composite productsand to provide the best value as measured by quality, cost, delivery, andinnovation. We are firmly and sincerely committed to providing value-packedservices of uncompromising quality to business and individuals. We will alwaysuse the most appropriate means for accomplishing each goal depending on thecustomer's needs and Become a leader inon-site environmental assessments by providing our clients with a solid servicethat saves them both time and money.
Our goals as a companyis to provide individualized account attention, competitive turnaround times,maintain high ethical standards and to provide the best of quality &service.
Our innovativetechnology, progressive attitude and the degree to which we exceed theexpectations of our clients are the key to our success. It is the personalisedcare and service we provide that will ensure that our clients return to us.
Our Vision is:
·        To be the India’s leading BPOservices company and to provide hundred percent services to any company in the Telecom,banking, Finance, Life Insurance and other sectors.
·        To deliver exceptional customerexperience and business process by unlocking the power of intellectual capital
·        To be the global benchmark incustomer services and business process outsourcing

Buddha Product

Company Info

We are established in 2013 in the name of “Global Vision” at Central India (Nagpur) where our mission is to provide Religious product i.e Buddha Statue,Painting etc. in best suited price on International Level.
It's nice to take the time to get to know us better to you. Here are some things about us that you might like to know. launched India's most economical Online Shopping platform is an individual startup is a young and dynamic company that aims to provide good quality products. caters to the sculptural and decorative needs of people. We specialize in our deals section with extra basic discounts on various brands
At we strive to achieve the highest level of “Customer Satisfaction” possible. We are focusing on providing the ecommerce, i.e. the home delivery of goods in PAN India and Abroad (Special orders).We are focused providing with good quality product only as we feel that the aftersales service of the same is much easier for our customer to follow. We are giving various payment options like Credit Card, Online Payment, Debit cards, etc

Product / Service 
Buddha Decorations Buddha Painting Buddha Statue Buddha Apparels Laughing Buddha Buddhist Art Thai Buddha Bronze Buddha Wall Artwork Buddha Books Murals Canvas Painting Music Videos Tour an Travel Jewelery

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Buddhist Entrepreneurs - Local Listing Business Community

A Local Business Listing for Buddhist Entrepreneurs.
This a business Networking for Buddhist Entrepreneurs
To Build a Buddhist Entrepreneurs Network and promote business within Network.
• Promote Business Within a Community.
• Provide Business opportunity to the member
• Provide employment through this portal for all
• Follow the path of buddist panchashila in Business practice.

• Local Listing
• Free Registration
• Job Posting for business
• Social Networking
• Website Promotion
• Business advertisement