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SankalpEducation Society
Aword about Sankalp Education Society:
Sankalp Education Societyhas been founded by a group of like-minded Buddhist people who believe inensuring equal career and livelihood opportunities to the underprivilegedsections of the society. Even as the Society is very young and does not have along list of achievements to show, all its members have 8-10 years of experienceeach in academic and management fields. They have relevant experience both inteaching and management in renowned institutions like Visvesvaraiya NationalInstitute of Technology, Ramdeobaba Kamla Nehru Engineering College, NEERI,Government Polytechnic, Maharashtra Government etc. Two of the members arepursuing their PhDs in Economics and one is doing it in management, from NagpurUniversity.

OurVision: Educationally empowered students from socially andeconomically backward communities and areas.

OurMission: Providing technical and professional knowledge to theunderprivileged sections of the society to make them capable to effectivelycompete for employment and self enterprises.   

Briefdescription of its objects and activities
B.Organizational details:                                                                
  1. Goals of the organization:
Themission of Sankalp Education Society is to provide high quality, yet affordableeducation to all. We aim at bringing the most valued and relevant academiccourses within the grasp of students belonging to all economic and socialbackgrounds, without compromising on excellence. We wish to train our studentsto rise up to the contemporary challenges presented by the changingsocio-economic face of the world. The management of Modern College provides asetting where the faculty, staff and students pitch in to create a supportiveand challenging environment for learning.

Sankalp Education Societystrives to achieve its mission through following objectives
v  Promotionof student learning
v  Focuson individual success of students
v  Developmentsof strong connection with the degree-granting units
v  Commitmentto faculty and staff development
v  Creationof a community that values and encourages diversity

Achievements till date
The society, to achieve its vision has startedfollowing two colleges
1.     Modern Institute of technical education andmanagement
2.     Modern College.
Both the colleges areapproved by Govt of Maharashtra and are recognized by Maharashtra state boardof technical education (MSBTE) and RTM Nagpur University respectively. However,these institutions have been granted permission by the Govt on a ‘permanently no grant’ basis.
We offer following academic courses under theseinstitutes
Modern Institute of technical education and management

1.      Diploma in dress designing and manufacturing
2.      Diploma in beauty parlor and hair dressing
3.      Post graduate diploma in front office management and tourism
4.      Post graduate diploma in export import management
Modern College
1.      Bachelor degree in B.Com Computer application
2.       Bachelor degree in management
3.      Bachelor degree in computer science
4.      Bachelor degree in fashion designing
5.      Bachelor degree in information technology
Step program
Smile foundation

As mentioned above, ourstudents come from rural background. Their parents are either labour in thenearby industries or being landless they are farm labours. Our students thusposses all those inhibiting attribute present in students with suchbackgrounds. This makes our teaching difficult as our teachers have dualresponsibility to correct these personality disorders and focus on curriculumtoo.

Nagpur University has 750odd colleges spread over Nagpur district. Till date we have been moderatelysuccessful if we compare our results with the other leading colleges from theuniversity and we are proud to share the fact that our one student stood 11thmerit from the university. Our results too match with leading colleges in spiteof differentiated inputs in the form of students.   
Location : Wadi, MIDC, Tpoint, Amravati road, Nagpur , Maharashtra.

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Contact No. :Mobile No. : +91-9881474243 , Landline : 07104-220068
Address :MODERN COLLEGE WADI , MIDC T point , Near Rahul Hotel, Wadi, Nagpur-440023
Pin Code :440023
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