Company Info
Panacea TechnoHub is a new company that willprovide high quality technical and non technical, Voice and Back office,Inbound and Outbound Customer services to it's clients. Panacea TechnoHub isscheduled to begin operations on Jun or July. Company will be a partnership,owned and operated by Akshay Bhoyar, Yogesh Wankhade, Prafull Chafle And VinayKarnase.
Mr. Yogesh Wankhade and Mr. Vinay Karnaseboth have left their respective jobs in order to start their own medium sizedbusiness.

Panacea TechnoHub will target small to medium sized companies and governmentorganizations within the Maharashtra. We will seek major contracts with mediumsized firms.
The primary objectives of our company overthe next year are to:
 Obtaincommercial financing of 50,00,000 INR to cover start up costs and initialoperating expenses;
Generate one new client contract a month by networking with key industryleaders, conducting seminars and workshops, and joining key environmentalagencies.

Our Services:
Transactionprocessing and back office services
Customerservice (Inbound - Voice)

Mission and Vision
Our mission is to utilize our expertise in composite productsand to provide the best value as measured by quality, cost, delivery, andinnovation. We are firmly and sincerely committed to providing value-packedservices of uncompromising quality to business and individuals. We will alwaysuse the most appropriate means for accomplishing each goal depending on thecustomer's needs and Become a leader inon-site environmental assessments by providing our clients with a solid servicethat saves them both time and money.
Our goals as a companyis to provide individualized account attention, competitive turnaround times,maintain high ethical standards and to provide the best of quality &service.
Our innovativetechnology, progressive attitude and the degree to which we exceed theexpectations of our clients are the key to our success. It is the personalisedcare and service we provide that will ensure that our clients return to us.
Our Vision is:
·        To be the India’s leading BPOservices company and to provide hundred percent services to any company in the Telecom,banking, Finance, Life Insurance and other sectors.
·        To deliver exceptional customerexperience and business process by unlocking the power of intellectual capital
·        To be the global benchmark incustomer services and business process outsourcing