BE Meet- Chimur Chandrapur 02/02/2020

Date - 02/02/2020

 Buddhist Entrepreneurs held a program at Ramteke Coaching Institute Chimur. It was explained that the people of the Buddhist community should buy goods from the Buddhist entrepreneur so that the people of the community will grow in business.

It was thoroughly explained how to get a loan facility from Govt to start and run ones' business. The program was great. Dhammadeep Ramteke (Chandrapur), Ajinkya Ramteke (Gondia) guided the program. People got to know Very nice info about Various Schemes, Business & BE.

This is another milestone to connect more people in CHIMUR - TALUKA - Dist. Chandrapur.MAHARASTRA.

After a successful meeting - now we are planing for one BIG meeting of 100+ Entrepreneurs at the Taluka level. People really want such a meeting in the Chimur area.  Now our target is going day by day in Rural area and giving Business to BE is already in Process to support each other.