BE Nagpur Meet - Wadi

Jai Bhim

Date- 09/01/2020

BE meet was held at The Raisin Hotel, MIDC T- POINT, Wadi Nagpur.

This meeting was organized to discuss various government schemes, to aware people of CMEGP Scheme by Maharashtra Government, telling them how CMEGP will help to existing business and new startups.  BEACI Nagpur Coordinator BE Sahilesh Khadse guided and presided over the meeting. BE Mithilesh Patil, BE Ranjit Fule, BE Atul Bhange were also present in the Meet. The following points were also discussed in this Meet:
1) Importance of trade in Buddhist society.
2) Promoting new business.
3) Speed of development for the current trade.
4) Government scheme.
5) Guidance for trade at the national and international levels.

People attended this meet in a large number to know more about BE and CMEGP. 

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